a David Levine NFT

Public Enemy

Public Enemy Live in Brighton 29/10/2012

Carlton Douglas Ridenhour, AKA Chuck D, turned Rap upside down by giving it an edge that it hadn’t had before! Not for the faint-hearted, Public Enemy’s success was meteoric. They soon came to be viewed by some as, “Public Enemy No1”. Misunderstood by most, loved by many, missed by me for years until I managed to hook up with them in London in 2012.

I managed to arrange exclusive access to their one and only Gig in Brighton……..And what a show it was! What an act! What energy! They truly worked hard for the crowd at the sellout show. Leaving the fans with no uncertainty, that they still have it!!

This NFT is a menace to society

More than an NFT. Own a piece of music history.

a limited edition NFT

David Levine is well known for his photographs of international superstars such as Annie Lennox, Elvis Costello and Iggy Pop. He is also known for his record sleeve shots, music industry magazines and his work in fashion and beauty. David’s impressive images have been exhibited globally, including galleries in the UK and Tokyo as well as having some of his work in a permanent collection at The National Portrait Gallery, London.

 This drop is just the start of a number of David Levine limited edition NFT’s coming up.


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