John Eder

Spirit of 76

A limited-Edition NFT 

Spirit of ’76

John’s first NFT project, “Spirit of ’76”, is what happens when you happen to be a top fine art photographer, and you decide to recreate moments from youth. We are not talking about graduation or when you made the football team. No sir! These images are Johns’s coming of age experiences growing up in South Florida in the mid-1970s. Peter Frampton hits #1 US with his album Frampton Comes Alive! Long hair and flares were flapping in the wind. Getting high was always the mission. Acid, pot, alcohol, shrooms, and even glue fueled most interaction and entertainment. There were no safe spaces back. Growing up was and is always a gamble, especially for the more adventurous. For John, it was a passing moment; for others, it was their final destination.


Teens at their best

These re-creations of true stories include rock shows by the Rolling Stones & Queen, a girl who claimed to be a witch, a local millionaire who kept dolphins in a saltwater pool, getting to second base in the back seat, climbing the water tower, the infamous murder of a wealthy widow, an inter-racial romance, various overdoses, and the death of one of his best friends in a car wreck. Although this is John’s journey back to his youth, set in Florida, his images provoke strong memories and flashbacks for anybody who went to high school in the seventies regardless of city or country. For younger generations, John’s work is a chance to look in on a 70’s teenager’s world in meticulous detail, beautifully framed and captured in John’s exquisite and, at the same time, haunting images.

John’s  first DROP is very special

NFT + Exhibition Print + Acrylic Block!!!

For John’s first NFT release, OriginContent has created a special collectors package to mark the occasion. Each NFT is linked to a high resolution 1920 x 1080 video of each image. Each edition includes an exhibition quality 20*16 photographic print and a uniquely designed NFT certificate of authenticity mounted in a 6×8 acrylic block. You can pick it up, show it off or keep it on your desk. If you frame the print and hang it on the wall, it’s a match made in heaven!


“The Box Of Prints”


The last collectable will be “The Box Of Prints” which will be an edition of 3. A custom made aluminium archival box comes with 5 exhibition quality prints, the cover is embossed with, the edition number, the artist name, the token and the wallet address, and 5 lucite blocks for each image. The prints are embossed with John’s official NFT studio stamp.

The Drop

Limited Edition of 25

High-resolution 1920 x 1080 video

Exhibition Print

Acrylic Block

Box of Prints

Limited Edition of 3

The lucky winners of the auction will receive a custom-made aluminium archival box. The cover will be embossed with John’s name, the edition number, and the wallet address.  Inside there will be 5 exhibition quality 20*16 photographic prints digitally signed and numbered. This set includes a bonus image. Each will also come with acrylic block frames as above. These prints already sell to collectors for over $10,000 and rising!