Kevin Westenberg

Kevin Westenberg is a highly gifted photographer and a very acute and perceptive observer of the human face. Kevin Westenberg is famed for his creation of provocative and electrifying images of world-class musicians, artists and movie stars for over 25 years. His technique of lighting, colour and composition has helped to produce his own unique visual style. His intense use of light, color and composition produces succulent, visual magic. This electricity, however, has its origin in Kevin’s lifelong romance with the adventure of rock and roll.

“Undoubtedly one of the most important music photographers of our time!”

Kevin attracts the best-known stars thirsty for distinction in momentary exposure to his lens. They are definitely confident that the results of their collaboration will match their expectation. Without any flattery, Kevin has always been able to highlight vivid features and conceal vague characteristics without losing equilibrium between exaggeration and underestimation. Faces embody the essence and vital message of Kevin’s photography. Each picture is a new challenge and Westenberg never repeats himself. The same subject will always look different still being the personage his admires want them to be. Here lies the exceptional talent of Westenberg.

Meet Kevin

Canon Mini -Documentaries


1991-2001 – Photographer of choice for Trent Reznor/Nine Inch Nails.
1998-2007 – Photographer for BB King. Numerous album covers and press shoots.
1998 – Official photographer Black Sabbath reunion tour in Birmingham. Album Cover.
2001 – Official photographer for Cannes Film Festival, Studio Magazine.
2004 – Guest judge for Canon’s prestigious ‘New Cosmos Of Photography’.
2002-2005 – Photographer of choice for Coldplay. Documenting their rise to stardom.
2005 – Official photographer LIVE 8 Hyde Park London.
2006 – Idyll Worship. First major exhibition. London.
2006 – Contributor. ‘Director’s Cut’. Getty Images Gallery.  London.
2007 – Idyll Worship. Expozone. Antwerpen, Belgium.
2007 – Official photographer Led Zeppelin re-union show. O2 Arena London.
2008 – Featured Photographer Blue Balls Festival. Lucerne Switzerland.
2009 – Contributor ‘Who Shot Rock&Roll’ Brooklyn Museum.
2009 – Pop Icons. Exhibition Contributor. The Mall. London. England.

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U2 by Kevin Westenberg

2010 – Contributor Roman Abramovich’s new private club ‘Under The Bridge’.
2010 – Contributor new Virgin Formula One Team Headquarters.
2010 – Contributor ‘A Star Is Born’ Museum Folkwang Germany.
2011 – Exhibition. ‘The Rolling Stones’ RAW Gallery. Melbourne. Australia.
2011 – Exhibition. ‘Beautiful People’ Le Cabinet Des Curieux. Paris. France.
2012 – Exhibition. ‘The New Curiosity’  LondoNewcastle Project space. London.
2012 – Exhibition. SNAP Galleries. London. England.
2012 – Exhibition. Kobe Fashion Museum. Kobe. Japan.
2012 – Exhibition. Tanto Tempo Gallery. Kobe. Japan.
2012 – Exhibition. ‘A Star Is Born’ Museum der bildenden Kunste Leipzig. Germany.
2011-2014 – Official photographer for Jake Bugg. Two album covers. All official press shots.
2013 – Exhibition. Saatchi Gallery London.  Strarta Art Fair’.  24 images as part of group showing.
2013 – Exhibition. ‘Sex, Drugs & …’.  Gallery Different. London. England.
2014 – Exhibition. ‘Kiss – A Dark Affair’.  Gallery Different.  London. England.
2014 – Exhibition. Ingrid Deuss Gallery. Antwerpen, Belgium. 30 Images Total.
2014 – Exhibition. ONOArte Contemporanea.  White Stripes, American Roots.